Alternatively, I’ll take a broom

June 18, 2010


Pertinent piece of information #1: My best friend, Laura, lives in Memphis. I’m not very good at Math. Or Geography. However, according to my calculations, Memphis is about 3902394203.9 miles from where I currently reside. That is so gosh darn far. So far, in fact, that they don’t have a Dunkin Donuts. In lieu of iced coffee delights from the DD, they have what seems to be a tornado once a week. Seriously.

Pertinent piece of information #2: We really like Harry Potter. Best friends should have a handful of similar interests. Believe me, Harry Potter is not even our most pathetic shared interest. Let’s just say she may be the only person in the world who will ever understand me and the things I think are exciting – like Harry Potter.

Pertinent piece of information #3: The Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios opened this week. Sadly, I wasn’t there. Please note that that link leads to an article detailing the fact that there was a live feed of the grand opening online. Also note that Laura texted me to say that she was actually watching said feed.


Anyway, today I sent Laura a picture of this:


A HARRY POTTER BRANDED PLANE. This is like when I was in London and I only wanted to ride the buses with the ads for Goblet of Fire. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO RIDE ANYTHING ELSE?!

Shortly after sending it, I got an email reply from Laura.

Laura: Is this plane going to take you to Memphis? 🙂

Sarah: In the world of my dreams, yes.

In the world of my dreams I also own that plane and Laura lives next door to me.

– Sarah #2


Friday Gossip: I’m back!

May 22, 2010

So, after a brief hiatus, here’s this week’s round up of gossip greatness.

image Image via

Grey’s Anatomy: To be honest, I haven’t cared about this show in a long time. I usually just catch up with it when I’m bored because I’d rather watch The Office in real time on Thursday nights. However, I saw a preview of this week’s episode of Grey’s and knew it was worth watching. Did you see it? Without giving too much away, I’ll say that it was phenomenal. Over the top? Maybe. But, it felt like one of the best things I’ve seen on TV in awhile (excluding LOST). Drama? Check. Excitement? Check. Sadness? Happiness? Heart palpitations from Sarah #2? CHECK. Even if you don’t watch Grey’s, this episode is worth a look. Though, it may cause you to think you’re dying. So, be careful.

image Image via Michael Rozman/AP

Greyson Chance: Have you seen this kid yet? He’s been everywhere. I mean everywhere. As in first I saw him all over gossip blogs and then I went home and his YouTube video was on World News Tonight. I guess Diane Sawyer digs pop music. Who knew? His version of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” is simply amazing. I should know; I’ve watched it about 50 times – no joke. The Christian Science Monitor thinks the whole thing may be a big farce, but I don”t think I care. This kid deserves to be famous. Heck, he got a record deal already. And he seems adorable and humble. That will probably wear off, but for now he makes me swoon in a non-pedophile way. I want to squeeze his cheeks. (Mom, please learn to  play this song on piano like he does. K? Thanks.)

image Image via Universal.

Harry Potter: No one else probably cares, but The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens at Universal Studios in mere weeks. I, of course, have been stalking its progress as closely as possible. With every article I read, my desire to go there increases, while my coolness correspondingly decreases. I just want to send some owl mail, drink a butterbeer, and visit the castle. It’s like all my dreams are coming true; well, if the wizarding world were located directly next to the lot of General Hospital. Maybe one day. For now, here are some awesome tour videos of the park attractions.

Notice I purposefully didn’t bring up that actress from The Parent Trap / Mean Girls, or the “actress” from The Hills and her insane husband. Not worth it. I’ve only got room for one crazy in my life and her name is Britney ThankYouVeryMuch.

– Sarah #2

My best friend is a dork too

April 7, 2010

My peep, Laura, and I have been making big plans to visit the new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios ever since we heard that it was being built.



It’s been a major topic of conversation month by month, considering we both enjoy Harry Potter to the extreme. So, every time I stumble across an article about the new park, I immediately send it to Laura and we have intense conversation about it.


Me: i’m excited to drink butterbeer

Laura: MEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOO. like way excited. I want it right now

Me: seriously. it’s a taste EXPLOSION

Laura: and pumpkin juice. and desserts… real english food, not so much

So, in case you wondered, my best friend is a dork too. I’m not alone here.

I Want to be Harry Potter.

November 2, 2009

Every year (for the past 3 years), I’ve been taunted by the Halloween costume that I so, so, so badly want to own.


IT’S A HARRY POTTER COSTUME. I’m in love with it. I want to wear it every day, no matter where I go. Ask my friends, I talk about it all the time (and they hate me for it). And every year at Halloween I lament the fact that I cannot get this costume because I LOVE IT. I want to wear it to work and grocery shopping and when I get married. It’s nothing short of amazing. And, I’m pretty sure it would give me the power to do spells and fix all my problems – and say things like “Riddikulus!” without being made fun of (Note: I’ll ignore you if you make fun of me because I’ll be focused on my awesome outfit).

I’ve tried it on before, more than once. Sadly, it does NOT look good on me. Apparently that shade of gray is really not my color. But, it comes with glasses and a wand… who wouldn’t want that?!; unfortunately, Laura Lagana always reminds me how awful it looked on me.

She’s right, but each time I think about it, my soul dies just a little. So, Halloween rolls around and I hope that they release the same costume in a new color (maybe maroon, for Gryffindor?), but it never happens.

So, I have to compromise. By compromise, I mean I have to let Amanda tell me what to wear because all I can think about is how I just want to dress like Harry Potter.

Luckily, her choice this year was still a literary figure and there’s still magic involved – and music! ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!

This year, I dressed as Cinderella. The advantages to this costume included the fact that it was poofy and therefore allowed me to drink a lot and then eat taquitos and cheetos to my heart’s content.  Additionally, I could spend all night singing songs from Cinderella; unfortunately, Cinderella’s main song was not one I was happy to sing due to bouts of depression. Therefore, I did the next best thing and sang Britney Spears songs.

And so went my descent into the realm of sloppy Cinderella. Because I bet she totally needed to do car bombs after a long day of cleaning up soot, watching her sisters meet the prince, and losing her shoe, and it was my goal to be as literarily accurate as possible.


So, I was part of a princess posse. And sometimes, on particularly bad days, you need some princesses in your life who will bake you cookies and make you take shots and who will sing Disney songs with you at bars. I bet Cinderella wished she had that.

– Sarah #2