About the Sarahs

Good old Ursinus....

Good old Ursinus....

Once upon a time, in a magical placed known as Collegeville (seriously), Sarah Elizabeth W. met Sarah Elizabeth K. and they became a pair of Sarahs, seeking out their shared interests in Gilmore Girls, FRIENDS, coffee, chocolate, veggie wraps, and early morning storytime. (This usually took place on Tuesdays as Tuesdays are for Sarahs). In 2009, Sarah K. got married to Bruce W. and became… Sarah W.!! And then there were two.

Though miles apart (Georgia + Pennsylvania), Sarah x 2 frequently have storytime, though engaging in all their other favorite activities separately. They decided they had a lot of hilarious things to share, along with a lot of stuff that no one else cares about whatsoever (hello, Tori Spelling). Armed with shared initials, this blog is their new Collegeville, their public storytime. A glimpse into the mind of an S.E.W. If you don’t like, they say: SEW WHAT?!


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