Aunt Sarah FTW

Remember that birthday present I built for my niece?

Well, her birthday is over a week away, but yesterday she got her present!

My parents were storing the table at their house. Obviously it’s not that easy to hide, so yesterday when my parents were babysitting Brenna, she got herself an early birthday present.


I like to think she’s saying, “Aunt Sarah is so awesome. She made me an entire table and I don’t even have to share it with big kids!”

Never mind the fact that I’ve never heard her say my name – despite that she allegedly says it. Also forget the fact that, according to my sister, Brenna prefers to sit on the table rather than at the table.

That’s just her rebel spirit. Keep it up, kid. Never let anyone fence you in. Or make you sit at the table. Totally the same thing.

I hope you enjoy your table and please don’t get any splinters. I am not responsible for those.

– Sarah #2

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