Pregnancy PSA

February 28, 2010

I love to play Sims3. It’s awesome. It sounds lame, but trust me, it’s awesome.

Basically, you live the lives of your Sim people and help them learn skills, find jobs, and excel at life. It’s addicting. I talk about my Sims like they’re my friends. This game is serious biznaz.

One of my Sims, Jennifer Wamsley (named after my cousin), had the life of goal of having/adopting five children and raising them from babies to teenagers. Jennifer and her husband, Jose, spent a lot of their youth gaining the skills required to get promotions, and I didn’t want to bog them down with a baby. Then one day, they went for it, and out came Jake. Well, when Jake became a toddler, I decided it was time for more babies. Exciting, right?

Well, it seemed exciting until Jennifer had twins and she and Jose were trying to juggle TWO babies and a toddler. And let me tell you, that toddler was no help at all in caring for his new sisters. All that kid wanted to do was play with his xylophone, and learn how to walk, and cry about not having enough socialization.

Then there was the problem of having to pay the babysitter while the parents were at work and they couldn’t really afford a babysitter. Plus, Jose and Jennifer had to get up throughout the night, taking care of TWO babies, and then they were always tired at work the next day.

I was so stressed out I had to stop playing and formulate a plan of attack for 24 hours.

That’s when I realized that this game should be played in Health Education classes around the country. I couldn’t handle 3 electronic babies (though, to be fair, they’ve grown up quite well and now attend high school and I have 2 other babies), imagine how overwhelming real babies would be.


So, my computer game is educational. I learned that I don’t want 3 babies at once.

I also learned that I take this game way too seriously. What can I say? I like to win.

– Sarah #2


Amanda is the Little Mermaid

September 23, 2009

A casual Saturday afternoon conversation with my Peep, the Little Mermaid Amanda. (Who needs to brush up on her own musical repertoire).

Amanda: what other girl names go with ariel

Me: Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella and Alana.

Me: and then there is the youngest with her musical debut

Amanda: where the hell did u come up with those?

Me: they sing it

Amanda: oh damn i need to rewatch that movie

Me: our 7th little sister we’re presenting her to you!

Me: to sing a song sebastian wrote, her voice is like a bell

Me: she’s our sister


Amanda: hahah omg

Amanda: i love u

Me: haha

Me: why do you need to know her sisters’ names?

Amanda: i mean for my babies

Amanda: god sarah

Me: i should have known

Amanda: yes very true

This is the same girl who once said this:

Amanda: I love the little mermaid!!!!!!!!!! I am naming my daughter’s name Ariel.  AHHH AHHH AHHH , AHH AHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH (KEEP SINGING)!

Yeah. You wish you had your own Peeps…who plan, in all seriousness, to name their kids after Disney characters.

Side note: When I sang in Sarah #1’s wedding, her aunt told me I sounded like the Little Mermaid. I took it as a compliment. Amanda did too.

– Sarah #2