True Life: I’m a stalker

I stalk my best friend, Laura. I am not even kidding. I literally stalk her.

Is she on gchat? No.

Is she on Facebook chat which I hate but will use to talk to her in extreme instances? No.

So a few days ago I see via Xbox that she’s on her Xbox watching Season 2 of Veronica Mars. I call her. She does not answer. I leave a message roughly saying, “Dude. You are watching Veronica Mars. TALK TO ME.”

I get an email the next day stating how she watched so much Veronica Mars over the weekend. I’m all “I KNOOOOW!”

She calls me. I miss it. I call her. She misses it. And so on.

The stalking continues.

Today, I email her: Do you want book x or book y for your birthday, as an alternative to my previous birthday suggestion.

Her reply: Shouldn’t you be preparing for your interview?

I say: Yeah, I was reading through my portfolio and got distracted by your birthday. It happens.

She says: haha. Am I in your portfolio?

I say: Haha. I have no idea how I went from staring at articles I’ve written to thinking about alternative birthday presents for you. My brain just never stops thinking of you, I guess. I am easily your creepiest friend. Possibly that is also what makes me the best.

So, yeah, I stalk my best friend and I’m not particularly ashamed of it.

She’s hard to catch. So the stalking continues. Eventually I will catch my prey.

I really couldn’t be creepier if I tried.

(Hi, Laura! Call me! I promise I won’t be at the gym this time with a phone that is dying!)

– Sarah #2


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