About Sarah #2

I realized how few pictures I have of just me. So, this will have to do.

I realized how few pictures I have of just me. So, this will have to do.

To be fair, I’m the first S.E.W. of the pair. However, because it’s Sarah, I’m willing to share the title. (Though, to be perfectly honest, I still refer to her as Sarah K. and probably always will – what’s this Weaver nonsense? 🙂 ). Though I was the first, I’m also Sarah #2 because I’m the younger Sarah, not the lesser Sarah.

Ten things about me: I’m petite. I like to drink Jack and DIET coke. I have a weakness for potato chips. I think 90% of daytime television is awesome. I like puppies and kittens. I like reading and scrapbooking. I think running is fun. I have a lot of freckles. I am always cold. I am freakishly superstitious.

I met Sarah at Ursinus College in 2003 and although outwardly we seem wildly different (let’s just say one of us is loud and excitable and the other one has brown hair), we are actually quite similar. And, where we are different, we are complementary. I’m the one who tells Sarah to learn to say no and she’s the one who tells me to say yes. It works.

Though Sarah’s in seminary in Georgia and I’m currently working at a PR firm outside of Philadelphia, we spend a lot of time conversing in various ways – calls, texts, emails, IMs – we have our communicative bases covered. Our random conversations run the gamut from politics to reality television to musicals to our personal lives. We leave no stone unturned. Clearly our daily lives differ, but we bring unique perspectives to everything we discuss.

We decided that it was high time we let other people laugh at us as much as we laugh at ourselves. Maybe, if you’re not a Sarah, you won’t find us funny. Probably, if you are a Sarah, you will find us hilarious (because, hello!?, we are). Either way, this is happening, suckers.


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