Sarahs. Disconnected.

June 9, 2010

In case you didn’t know, Sarah #1 has to complete an internship in order to be officially done school or become a minister or something. I get lost in the details; ask her.

Anyway, to fulfill this she’s working in a hospital as a chaplain. Good for her, right?

But not good for me. You see, usually we talk to each other off and on all day long. Literally. Unfortunately, her position isn’t conducive to her walking around with a computer or phone at her beck and call which basically means we have to wait to talk to each other at night.

Only sometimes she works at night.

Or one of us goes to bed.

Or we’re busy.

So, basically there’s a void in my life. A big fat hole (though Sarah herself is not fat).

This is what it has come to:

Sarah #1: We’re going to have to go back to email updates. Booooo.

Sarah #2: I know. I was thinking that same thing today! Booooooo. I have so much to share.

Sarah #1: We think alike like whoa.

Sarah #2: We are Sarahs.

That was our mild response. Our less mild response went like this:

Sarah #1: sarahhhhhhhhh! I hate being so disconnected from the world! ie you.

Clearly this isn’t going to end well.

– Sarah #2


In Response to “Shoeless Sarah”

April 21, 2010

(via Google Buzz)

Neal Cooper – I know you’re the grammar whiz here, but wouldn’t the correct wording have been: "Hell didn’t swallow me up and God didn’t SMITE me"?

Just curious

And hopeful that I caught you in a grammatical error 🙂

Sarah Weddle – Well, smote is the past tense and a past participle of smite. But, basically no one ever uses it. So, I think grammatically it could be either. I debated with it for half of LOST.

I took a poll in my office and no one can figure it out.

Anne suggested, "God did not smoteth me."

So the answer is, I have no idea. But I really wanted to say smote.

Neal Cooper – Hmph. Sounds weak to me.

Sarah Weddle – Haha. It is pretty weak.

Alexandra Gaustad – 5 bucks says Neal doesn’t know what a participle is. 😀

Neal Cooper – A participle is a little bit of something – you grind up a piece of metal into a whole bunch of participles, right? 😛

Sarah Weddle – Thank you for writing my next blog post via your comments.

Participle: In linguistics, a participle can be a verb or an adjective (participial phrase). It is a derivative of a non-finite verb, which can be used in compound tenses or voices, or as a modifier. Participles often share properties with other parts of speech, in particular adjectives  and nouns. (from Wikipedia)

(Happy Birthday, Alex!)

– Sarah #2

Tuesdays are for Sarahs

February 10, 2010

It all started in college with Gilmore Girls. Sarah K. (now Sarah #1) and I would dedicate Tuesdays to ourselves. This basically meant we’d indulge in coffee and dark chocolate conversations during the day, in between classes.

Then, we’d hit up Zack’s (the “restaurant” at Ursinus) for some veggie wraps (I miss those so much). And then, the best part, we’d watch Gilmore Girls on the WB/CW at 8pm. Typically, we’d watch it from side-by-side treadmills in the gym.

Although, sometimes we’d watch from treadmills that weren’t next to each other and we’d make crazy motions and yell things across the cardio area. Whatever. Tuesdays are for Sarahs.

Anyway, in the past few months, we’ve reclaimed Tuesdays. We live in different states now, and unfortunately, Gilmore Girls is no longer in the primetime line up. So, we’ve created wear-a-dress-Tuesdays. Basically, we wear dresses on Tuesdays. Creative, I know. But, you’re talking to a girl who wears jeans to work every day. So, a dress makes the day special, and hopefully awesome.

However, recall when Sarah and I went shopping together in King of Prussia? Sarah emerged with a dress that I desperately wanted, but they didn’t have enough of. I was sad. I scoured the internet for that dress, before stumbling across it in the same store in a different mall. Obviously I bought it.

I should have known this would happen eventually. Sarah #1 texted me this morning, “Wear a dress Tuesday!!!!”


I replied, “It’s hard to take a pic of myself.”


Sarah #1 immediately said, “Omg we are wearing the same thing.”

So yeah. Tuesdays are for Sarahs. And they’re for dressing alike unintentionally.

(They’re also for NCIS, which I guess is the new Gilmore Girls. Maybe we’re growing up?)

– Sarah #2

Gobbly, Gobbly, TURKEY VURKEY!

December 16, 2009



Me: i used to loooove sesame street. my ALL TIME favorite christmas movie is A Muppet Family Christmas… and all the Muppets go to Fozzie’s grandma’s house for christmas and all the sesame street characters show up

Me: and the fraggle rock people are even there

Me: it is amaaaazing

Me: but they don’t manufacture it anymore


Sarah: my parents have it taped on VHS

Me: so do mine!

Me: wow, no one’s ever heard of that but me and my sister

Me: i’m so proud to know you right now

Sarah: I feel like you and your sister and me and my sister would all get along too well. haha

Me: we’d probably sit around and watch way too many musicals. haha

Sarah: that sounds blissful to me

mfc1Gobbly, Gobbly, TURKEY VURKEY!
– Swedish Chef

P.S. I almost just copy/pasted the whole movie in photos in this post. And all the youtube links.

– Sarah #2

Where have all the Sarah’s gone?

December 8, 2009

Sarah #1 has been MIA. I’ve been talking to her, but you people don’t get that luxury. She’s knee deep in the middle of finals and therefore doesn’t have time to wax poetical about how she wishes she owned an EZ Comb. I assure you, she still wishes she owned one.

I, on the other hand, have been busy with something much more important – watching every Christmas movie shown on ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas and Fa La La La Lifetime.

I’m really serious about this task, so I apologize for not spending my time writing posts about the normal things that cross my mind. My mind is too consumed with Christmas-y things, like wondering if my neighbor is Santa like in that movie I saw yesterday. Or wondering if my Dad is really Santa like in that movie I saw on Saturday. Or wondering if the mall Santa is the real Santa like in that movie I watched this morning.

Basically I’m spending a lot of time accusing people of being Santa. I haven’t found him yet, and I haven’t been arrested yet either. So, it’s been a mixture of failure and success.

And no, I might be short, but I’m not an elf. Sorry to disappoint you.