Ramping up and Recovering

May 21, 2010

My apologies, I’ve been in ramping up/recovery mode for the past week and a half.

First, I attended one of my very best friend’s bachelorette parties, so I was ramping up for a big party.



Then I recovered by going out with my family for a Mother’s Day lunch to celebrate my mama.

Subsequently, I got an awful cold/sinus infection (at the crux of half marathon training) and had to put myself on running hiatus so I could recover. However, I was simultaneously ramping up to celebrate one of the most important weddings I will ever be a part of.

A wedding for this girl.



With two of my very best friends.


And it was fabulous.


But ever since then I’ve been recovering. Recovering from illness, recovering from celebrating, recovering from being away for a long weekend.

It’s been a process.  Am I ready for my half marathon? No. Do I still need to do laundry? Yes. Do I have about a thousand errands to run that I’ve been putting off in lieu of wedding-related errands? Yes.

But was it worth it?


Yes. Because I was with these fools.

image image image

So, that’s where I’ve been. I promise I’ll return for real very soon. Maybe after I finally do my laundry. But probably before that, because, to be honest, I never do laundry. It requires too much recovery time.

– Sarah #2


My best friend is a dork too

April 7, 2010

My peep, Laura, and I have been making big plans to visit the new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios ever since we heard that it was being built.



It’s been a major topic of conversation month by month, considering we both enjoy Harry Potter to the extreme. So, every time I stumble across an article about the new park, I immediately send it to Laura and we have intense conversation about it.


Me: i’m excited to drink butterbeer

Laura: MEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOO. like way excited. I want it right now

Me: seriously. it’s a taste EXPLOSION

Laura: and pumpkin juice. and desserts… real english food, not so much

So, in case you wondered, my best friend is a dork too. I’m not alone here.

A little pre-Easter treat

March 29, 2010


Today I ran 7.5 miles. Accidentally. I started with good intentions, but it was a disaster. The first 4-5 miles were great, but after that I got lost… again… and again. And then I got sad and frustrated and cold.

Thus, I needed a sweet, post-run treat. I wanted Rita’s.

As many people know, Rita’s gives out free water ice on the first day of Spring, a concept I was introduced to at Ursinus, as the Rita’s at home in Maryland are few and far between.

I love free stuff, and Rita’s sure does not skimp on its delicious offering. Granted, I’m a snowball girl myself – I am from Maryland, and I grew up eating delicious snowballs procured from the finest of roadside shacks. So, the concept of a more expensive, less homegrown version of my childhood treat seemed volatile to me, a girl who despises change and favors nostalgia. But, I love me some Rita’s.

So, this year, on the first day of Spring (a Saturday!), I would not shut up about needing my free water ice. Unfortunately, it is a heavily advertised promotion, so the first Rita’s we stopped at… well, we didn’t stop; it was just way too crowded. But, I carried on, with the promise of going to another Rita’s later in the day to get the new flavor – peeps!

The reason for my love of peeps is twofold – first of all, if you haven’t noticed, my 3 best friends from home are regularly referred to as my Peeps, so this is like a treat named after 3 of my favorite people. Secondly, I love eating peeps. Mmmm, sugar covered sugar. So, imagine my excitement at the prospect of an icy peep.

But, we finally got to another Rita’s and THEY WERE OUT OF PEEPS FLAVOR. I was so sad. And, to make it worse, I got Citrus Burst, which was lime flavored ice with lemon chunks and it was so awful I threw 60% of it away. Rita’s Fail. And major Sarah disappointment.

So, today, I finally found Rita’s success when, not only did I finally get my water ice, but I also got a free chocolate covered peep! This totally made up for all the Rita’s failure of yore.

And, let me tell you, it was delicious.

It was a peeps party in my mouth. And a party with peeps is the best kind, of course. 😉

Now the disastrous run was well worth it. I could probably run some more now. I’m on a great sugar high. Mmmm, sugar.

– Sarah #2

Sorry, I’ve been LOST

February 4, 2010

Basically I’ve been a bad blogger. I have no good excuse.

Well, I have a good excuse for last night. Last night I meant to blog before LOST, but I got so caught up in the LOST anticipation, then the 3 hours of LOST on TV while simultaneously talking with Laura about what was happening on LOST, then the post-LOST euphoria that I just couldn’t squeeze in the blogging.

It went a little something like this:

Laura: 3 MINUTES
Me: ahhhhhhhhhhhh! man, you have noooo idea how insane this is going to be. the stuff i read was crazy
Laura: do not say a thing. or I will hate you forever

Let’s pause here. First of all, yes, we chat about shows we’re watching at the same time from separate, far away states in different time zones.

And yes, I read spoilers. I read spoilers like it’s my job. I’m the person who asks you what the ending of the movie is before we watch it and if you won’t tell me, I’ll look on IMDB. I read the ends of books before the beginnings. Yes, it’s a problem. I JUST LIKE TO KNOW!

Laura doesn’t like to know. Thus, I have to be careful. Because otherwise she won’t be my friend AND she’ll hate me forever. She’s so serious too. This is the girl who wouldn’t answer the phone the day I finished Harry Potter 7 and instead made her boyfriend answer and tell me that she couldn’t talk because she was afraid I would tell her pivotal details.

She should have gotten up early, picked up her reserved copy of the book, and finished it in a few hours like me. Problem solved.

I digress.

I don’t know if you have ever seen LOST, but basically it’s a show full of confusion and stuff you never saw coming, and even if you read the spoilers you’re like HOLY CRAP! WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WHY? WHAT IS GOING ON?!

And no one knows what’s going on. It’s like willingly being high while in a maze while eating ice cream. You’re dazed, you’re confused, you don’t know what’s happening, BUT IT’S SO TASTY.


Laura: Im already confused
Me: this is insanity


Me: man you are so lucky i keep refraining from telling you the things i know
Me: i am, i am


Me: that is CRAZY
Me: holy shitttttt. holy mother effing shit




So, that’s basically what will happen if you watch LOST. YOUR BRAIN WILL EXPLODE. And you’ll like it.

(And you won’t be able to blog).

– Sarah #2

Fashion Advice.

November 14, 2009

I don’t consider myself very fashionable considering, if I had it my way, I’d basically just live in Under Armour sweatpants and hoodies 24/7. However, I have to abide by the fashion rules of Laura.

Me: i’m wearing a red sweatshirt and pink sweatpants. How much do you hate me right now?

Laura: eh sometimes it can be okay

Me: i’m just laying on my bed

Laura: I am wearing skirt with a pajama shirt. I kinda hate myself

Me: i’m glad we’re in the same unfashionable boat. at least i didn’t mix navy blue and black

Laura: that is a friendship deal breaker

Me: i know. i can never do that without picturing you yelling at me. so, it’s never going to happen

Laura: haha glad I put fear in someone

Me: haha, just me. and, i try to transfer for it to other people

Laura: I got a lot of ship people on the band wagon

Me: it’s a cause people can really stand up for

Laura: its easier than saving the world

Me: yeah, leave that to Buffy

Note to the world: Don’t mix navy blue and black. Laura says so.

– Sarah #2

Peer Pressure at its Finest

October 11, 2009

My peep, Amanda, was supposed to run a 5k with me, but she didn’t sign up in time. We figured something out, but then we were faced with the impossible task of making plans to actually run it. Turns out, we have pretty different ideas of how to prepare for a race.

Amanda: maybe you should just come and we could get wasted on friday
Amanda: and then walk it?
Me: HAHAHAh. i’ll consider that.
Amanda: ok cause there is a free concert on friday. i want you to go with me
Me: i’ll think about it
Amanda: either way we are going the decision is to drink or not
Me: well how late is it going to be?
Amanda: late sarah late
Amanda: you are 24 don’t cry me a river
Me: hahaha, maybe i will stay somewhere else
Amanda: no. who will you run with then?
Me: no one. my ipod
Amanda: see you have to go with me
Amanda: wahahahaha

First of all, that’s her evil laugh. Second of all, she was serious. Anyway, I drove down to Amanda’s on Friday night and though it’s supposed to take an hour and a half, it took two and half hours. So, when I walked in the door, Laura and Amanda immediately asked me if I wanted wine and I said yes. Then we had a delicious pasta party and made our way to the Raven’s stadium to pick up our race packets. Laura was wearing blue pajama pants with stars on them. Amanda was wearing pink pajama pants with white polka dots. I was wearing sweatpants. People judged us. A lot.

We spent most of this period of time complaining about how far we had to walk to pick up all our stuff, speculating as to whether the race course would have hills, and trying to figure out who was running the marathon and who wasn’t. After spending half an hour surrounded by hardcore runners whilst dressed in our pajamas, we returned home… where we drank more wine, ate Tostitos and Harry & David dip, and watched E! until midnight when we figured we should probably go to sleep. That’s how we prepared for a race.

Miraculously, Amanda woke up on time and we bid adieu to Laura and left by 6:30am. We got there remarkably early and gathered a mountain of free items; however, we never ate any breakfast other than a free sample of a Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice latte (delicious). We walked around way too much and finally sat on a curb and judged people’s outfits. Note: Spandex leggings by themselves are not a wise decision. We don’t care what you look like.

DSCF1881 Guess which one of us is actually excited to run.

We watched the marathon take off and planned our own future marathon experience. By this I mean that we already know what we want to wear and it involves pink shoelaces. We lined up at the starting mark and Amanda immediately became excited because the first song on her iPod was Britney which obviously meant good things.

So, we ran. We ran through the ghetto. (I wish I were kidding). We ran through a smell akin to that of Jersey. (Again, I wish I were kidding). We ran through Camden Yards (where I almost threw up from the lack of food). And, at some point, I ran away from Amanda because she stopped running. Then we were done. Amanda saw someone barf. We celebrated by eating a free banana. And I ate free crab soup (Amanda thought it was a gross idea at 10am). And then we drank FREE BEER. Only in Baltimore would you run a race and receive 2 free beers for your effort. We then proceeded to sit down and drink said beers in the middle of a parking lot after perusing the Under Armour store.

DSCF1884 Free Under Armour shirt and free beer equals happiness

Anyway, the race was super fun. Maybe the best one I’ve ever done. And even better because I got to be drunk at 10am. Then, instead of napping like normal people, we proceeded to drink a lot and stay out until 3am. Because that’s the type of runners we are. The ones who don’t take it seriously and drink before AND after running and stay up for 21 hours because we’re on a runner’s high that can only be satiated with alcohol. And cheese fries. That happened.

This story explains how we went from this:


To this:


That’s just how we roll. Next year we’re doing the relay. And we’re going to wear matching outfits. Join us!

– Sarah #2

P.S. Definitely ask Amanda for her version of how the race went. It’s inappropriate and offensive but hilarious.

Peeps. You wish you had them.

September 27, 2009

Sadly (?), this is a typical conversation between the two of us. We progressed from talking about my serious weekend to things that no one else would ever care about. We’re this cool in real life too.

Laura: God certainly has a sense of humor

me: ha. i dont find it all that funny. dear god, you’re not funny. stop trying. love, sarah- p.s. i’d like a million dollars

Laura: will you share?

me: duh. let’s spend it on trips to the set of general hospital and ice cream and shoes. let’s BUY the set of general hospital. OMG, THEN I CAN BE ON GENERAL HOSPITAL

Laura: and your life will be complete

me: yeah, then i can write my novel

Laura: you have enough material

me: i know! my current situation will just enhance the story. Hey silver lining, I’m Sarah.

me: unrelated to anything else: i want to carve a pumpkin

Laura: I carved pumpkins about 3 years ago

me: are you judging me? or is that just jealousy of my cool life? b/c i carved an awesome one last year. it was this monster. it took forever. my parents totally judged me

Laura: no, Im sad its been that long. last year we bought a pumpkin to carve but it got old and mushy before I carved it

me: then this is your year!


me: okay, i’m going to bed. i’m le tired from this craptastic weekend

Laura: yeah me too I need to get up in 7 hrs. blah

me: ew

Laura: I love you!

me: i love you mucho mas amiga!

Laura: gracias

me: de nada. hasta la vista

Laura: baby

me: haha byeee

Laura: bye!

– Sarah #2