Memphis or bust

I haven’t seen Laura since May. Maybe that’s not a long time, but before that I hadn’t seen her since December. And before that…

Well, let’s just not discuss it.

It’s not good for my mental health.

Wedding 070

Laura has lived in Memphis for forever. Forever means like 3 years. And, did I mention that Memphis is far? Well, it’s so far that it’s expensive to get there.

You can see why I have to stalk her.

But, it’s high time I get to Memphis. By hook or by crook  (but preferably by Harry Potter plane).

So, it’s time to start saving my pennies. I’m going to need 54,000 of them.

This is my public promise that I will come to Memphis upon collection of those pennies. Unless my mental health gets the best of me first – it might.

But I’ll only come provided that we can sing a lot of Elvis songs.

Please contribute to my Memphis fund. My sanity, and Laura’s, will appreciate it. I accept all forms of money and airline vouchers (Delta only).

I also accept cupcakes, just because.

The end.

– Sarah #2

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