Running Home.

August 9, 2010

Sorry it’s been awhile. I have no excuse. At least not any good ones.

I’ve been up to many things, including a long, sweaty run with my friend, Alex, at Valley Forge Park.

You know your run is going to be a good one when you get out of your car and are greeted by this:


Good old fashioned men of the revolution.

Valley Forge was where General George Washington and his troops stayed during the winter encampment of 1777-78. It’s also where about 2,000 of the troops died due to the conditions.

It may not be a great place for a winter encampment, but it’s a great place to run! We ran about 8 miles throughout the park and it was HOT! Good thing there were water fountains or we probably wouldn’t have survived the summer running encampment of Sarah and Alex.

And then I spent my weekend playing with this person:

Brenna 024 Brenna 006Brenna 013

She is funny.

Finally, you know you’re in Maryland when you can get an alcoholic snowball at the bar. Our love for snowballs know no bounds.


That is all.

– Sarah #2


Aunt Sarah FTW

July 22, 2010

Remember that birthday present I built for my niece?

Well, her birthday is over a week away, but yesterday she got her present!

My parents were storing the table at their house. Obviously it’s not that easy to hide, so yesterday when my parents were babysitting Brenna, she got herself an early birthday present.


I like to think she’s saying, “Aunt Sarah is so awesome. She made me an entire table and I don’t even have to share it with big kids!”

Never mind the fact that I’ve never heard her say my name – despite that she allegedly says it. Also forget the fact that, according to my sister, Brenna prefers to sit on the table rather than at the table.

That’s just her rebel spirit. Keep it up, kid. Never let anyone fence you in. Or make you sit at the table. Totally the same thing.

I hope you enjoy your table and please don’t get any splinters. I am not responsible for those.

– Sarah #2

Handy Woman

July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

This weekend I’ve been a busy bee at home in MD. I hesitated to post this because my sister might see it and it will ruin the surprise; however, I can’t help it. I have the desire to share and so I’m sharing. Heidi, stop reading.

I spent my weekend building a present for my niece, Brenna’s, 1 year birthday – a miniature picnic table.

I started with these plans from Knock Off Wood. The plans are really simple, but, to be honest, I could have used a little more direction. This is probably due to the fact that I’m a carpentry novice.

Note: We had to counter sink the screws. I kept asking my dad if I had to make the sink holes. I frequently make up my own vocabulary for things.

I do have some experience building things. Yes, I helped my dad build our shed, as well as our hot tub deck. They were summer-long projects that required a variety of skills, but I was never in charge of the plans in either of those cases. And, even with my dad’s help, this project went awry several times.

However, roughly 6 hours later we prevailed.

2010-07-03 16.37.10

2010-07-03 17.25.19

The fact that this masterpiece is supporting my weight without breaking in two astounds me. I want to keep it for myself (and I would if it weren’t for the fact that my legs don’t fit under it).

It’s not perfect, but I am proud nonetheless. My dad pointed out that it leans slightly. I pointed out that it’s probably his deck that leans slightly. He should really look into that, no?

So yeah, I totally built a picnic table.

I am as surprised as you are. Trust me.

– Sarah #2

No Shoes Sarah

April 21, 2010


First of all, it’s WADT! And yes, I did remember to wear a dress this week.

And, in case you wondered, I wore a dress on Sunday to my niece’s baptism. I did not, however, wear shoes.

Maybe you aren’t aware, but I sing. In fact, I sang at Sarah #1’s wedding due to a last minute glitch with her regularly scheduled singer. I stepped up to the plate, but I had one condition – I refused to wear shoes when I got up to sing.

Yes, it was a nice wedding. Yes, it was in a church. Yes, I had to traipse around in front of a congregation of people I mostly didn’t know. No, Sarah #1 did not make me wear shoes.

You see, I sing at church fairly often – my church and my grandma’s church. I sang at my sister’s wedding. I love to do it; however, I can’t do it in shoes. I suppose it’s all mental. Shoes weigh me down. They make me think about what’s on my feet when my feet would rather be grounded and comfortable. So, many years ago I decided to stop wearing them, without asking.

No one cared.

Hell didn’t swallow me up and God didn’t smote me. That was just an excuse to say smote.

More than anything, it’s a big topic of discussion in my church. People expect me to ditch my shoes. If I wear them, people seem to be offended that I left my shoes on. My feet bring people together.

So, on Sunday, I did not wear shoes. Or, I didn’t wear them when I got up to sing my two songs. This, naturally, led to my Pop Pop saying, “Girl, put your damn shoes on!” in his loud Pop Pop voice. But, I know he’s just jealous that I get to take my shoes off and he has to wear a tie.

What can I say? I like to praise God sans the confinement of shoes.

So, when it came time to buy Brenna a baptism gift, and I had no idea what to buy, I racked my brain to think about what a little girl would want. And, since I’ve got the taste of a 5 year old in the body of a 14 year old, it didn’t take me long to get lost in the Barbie aisle and then again in the dress up aisle. Swoon.

I bought her these:


“Brenna, God doesn’t care if you wear shoes in church, trust me. But, if you’re going to wear them, make sure they’re fabulous.”

Also, make sure Aunt Sarah doesn’t pilfer them. She so will. Just like she did your sweet shades. <3.


– Sarah #2

WADT – Fail.

April 14, 2010

Today was WADT (Wear A Dress Tuesday). I forgot. Well, I remembered eventually, but by then it was too late. It made me sad in my heart.

But, you know what made my day better? The fact that I won this awesome, cool garlic press from We Are Not Martha. That left me with a high much akin to WADT.

In other WADT-related news, I tried to buy a dress this weekend. I went to my favorite store – Target – expecting to find a nice summery dress to wear today, and then again this weekend at my niece, Brenna’s, baptism.


I’m so sad I had to type those words, but Target, you let me down.

First of all, the cute summery dress that I really wanted was once again all out in my size in every single pattern. And this was my second attempt to purchase it. Or, at least try it on.

So, I tried on a dress from the clearance rack because it was moderately cute and also, did I mention it was on clearance? Unfortunately, I looked sort of like a bag lady. So, it was a no go. Sad because I like to purchase things that are marked down and revel in my thriftiness.

So, I moved on and tried on another.


I swear it’s cuter than this picture illustrates. However, the skirt was very floofy and short girls like me aren’t made for floofy skirts. So, another no go.

I believe Target’s inability to satiate my desire to spend money I shouldn’t be spending on a dress, directly played a role in me forgetting to wear a dress today.

Further, I hope Brenna understands that when I show up to her baptism naked, Target is to blame. I guess God was sending me a sign that there’s a better dress out there, waiting for me.

Where should I go to find a good dress for WADT?

– Sarah #2

My Father’s Pipe Dreams

October 23, 2009

My poor father thinks he actually has control. Poor, confused man.

weddle.patrick: saw brenna. she asked about you

Me: did you tell i said "yo?"

weddle.patrick: no, trying to raise her hip hop free

Me: not gonna happen

weddle.patrick: already had the piercing, tattoo talk

Me: b/c that worked so well with heidi

weddle.patrick: didn’t start early enough. covered it this time

Me: i’d also like to point out that john had a bar in the skin between eyes and has 2 tattoos. so either you’re screwed OR seeing her parents’ tattoos will freak her out

weddle.patrick: that’s why i do not smoke

Me: well, that didn’t help the other 2 of your siblings

weddle.patrick: happens

Me: yeah, remember that when brenna has tattoos

weddle.patrick: damn


– Sarah #2

Cool Aunt Sarah

August 4, 2009

My sister had a baby. Brenna – that’s her name. She’s this super tiny thing that I want to hold and bounce around and teach. And by teach, I mean bond with. And by bond with, I mean corrupt.

Who knows if I’m going to have my own kids? This could be my best chance to mold the youth of America to my liking. I’m totally all about quitting my job and teaching Brenna about the wonders of the world, starting with General Hospital. She can’t grow up in a world where Luke and Laura aren’t in her vernacular. I won’t allow it! And who’s going to tell her that it’s okay to watch Hannah Montana (even when you’re 24)? My dad won’t tell her that. He will totally tell her the opposite of that. Listen up, Brenna. Don’t let go of your youth. When it’s 12am and you should be sleeping because you’re a member of the “real world,” do not hesitate to stay up late watching the Disney Channel instead. You can sleep at your desk tomorrow.

And who, I ask you, is going to teach her to play soccer? ME. Because Brenna, soccer is the only acceptable sport for a lady to play. You get down, you get dirty, and you get to kick stuff. Those are life lessons, my friend. I still kick stuff. Like ass. (I also take names, on occasion).

Most importantly, I plan to teach her to say hilarious things. We’ve already started. I taught her 4 words in Spanish because I want her to be a saucy bilingual minx. However, I’ve also said as many hilarious slang words as I can whilst in her presence. Fo shizzle, Brenna. This technique works quite well. Ask my dad, he now says “hanging and banging.” “What are we doing, Brenna? GrandDuff, we are just hanging and banging” – I taught him that phrase and yes, I did hear him say that to her in the hospital room.

So, Brenna, my little homeslice, I can’t wait to hang out with you. We can watch Wizards of Waverly Place and then I’ll teach you how to do the Macarena. Fun times already.

– Sarah #2