I Want to be Harry Potter.

Every year (for the past 3 years), I’ve been taunted by the Halloween costume that I so, so, so badly want to own.


IT’S A HARRY POTTER COSTUME. I’m in love with it. I want to wear it every day, no matter where I go. Ask my friends, I talk about it all the time (and they hate me for it). And every year at Halloween I lament the fact that I cannot get this costume because I LOVE IT. I want to wear it to work and grocery shopping and when I get married. It’s nothing short of amazing. And, I’m pretty sure it would give me the power to do spells and fix all my problems – and say things like “Riddikulus!” without being made fun of (Note: I’ll ignore you if you make fun of me because I’ll be focused on my awesome outfit).

I’ve tried it on before, more than once. Sadly, it does NOT look good on me. Apparently that shade of gray is really not my color. But, it comes with glasses and a wand… who wouldn’t want that?!; unfortunately, Laura Lagana always reminds me how awful it looked on me.

She’s right, but each time I think about it, my soul dies just a little. So, Halloween rolls around and I hope that they release the same costume in a new color (maybe maroon, for Gryffindor?), but it never happens.

So, I have to compromise. By compromise, I mean I have to let Amanda tell me what to wear because all I can think about is how I just want to dress like Harry Potter.

Luckily, her choice this year was still a literary figure and there’s still magic involved – and music! ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!

This year, I dressed as Cinderella. The advantages to this costume included the fact that it was poofy and therefore allowed me to drink a lot and then eat taquitos and cheetos to my heart’s content.  Additionally, I could spend all night singing songs from Cinderella; unfortunately, Cinderella’s main song was not one I was happy to sing due to bouts of depression. Therefore, I did the next best thing and sang Britney Spears songs.

And so went my descent into the realm of sloppy Cinderella. Because I bet she totally needed to do car bombs after a long day of cleaning up soot, watching her sisters meet the prince, and losing her shoe, and it was my goal to be as literarily accurate as possible.


So, I was part of a princess posse. And sometimes, on particularly bad days, you need some princesses in your life who will bake you cookies and make you take shots and who will sing Disney songs with you at bars. I bet Cinderella wished she had that.

– Sarah #2


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