My best friend is a dork too

My peep, Laura, and I have been making big plans to visit the new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios ever since we heard that it was being built.



It’s been a major topic of conversation month by month, considering we both enjoy Harry Potter to the extreme. So, every time I stumble across an article about the new park, I immediately send it to Laura and we have intense conversation about it.


Me: i’m excited to drink butterbeer

Laura: MEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOO. like way excited. I want it right now

Me: seriously. it’s a taste EXPLOSION

Laura: and pumpkin juice. and desserts… real english food, not so much

So, in case you wondered, my best friend is a dork too. I’m not alone here.


One Response to My best friend is a dork too

  1. […] piece of information #1: My best friend, Laura, lives in Memphis. I’m not very good at Math. Or Geography. However, according to my […]

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