Mmmm, taste of London

When I studied abroad in London, fall semester of my junior year, one of my favorite things to do for a treat was to travel to Leicester Square and visit the falafel cart – you know, one of those street carts that sell deliciousness.

I had never had falafel before and I was in loooove. 3-4 falafel balls, wrapped in a warm pita, tucked inside of some lettuce and tomato, with a spicy and cool sauce on top. To.Die.For.

And, since London, I haven’t had falafel. Sad.

But, the other night, falafel was victoriously made based on a combination of these 2 recipes: – This falafel recipe with less spices–baked-falafel-with-yogurt-sauce-recipe/index.html – This yogurt dip recipe because mama likes her sauces spicy.

It resulted in this:

falafel Sorry for the blurry pic via the Droid.

This was a delicious homerun. Many tasty falafel balls and a thick sauce with a hint of heat.

My tummy was happy. Now if only I were in Leicester Square…

– Sarah #2


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