I’m in Love

July 21, 2010

You heard that right. I’m in love. I’m in love with Wegmans.

Sunday night I went to the grand opening of the Wegmans in Malvern, PA, and I liked it so much, I’ve been back every single day since.


Have you ever been to a Wegmans? Previously I had only been once after my friend, Ashley, would not shut up about how awesome it would be and how it would change my life.

Win for Ashley. Ever since that first visit, I’ve been dying to go back. But alas, the closest location to me was all the way in Collegeville, and no one would drive that far with me to visit a grocery store.


But now it’s within my reach, and I want to move into Wegmans and never leave. Ever. I could go on and on about the excellent customer service, the incredible deals, and the hummus bar, but I won’t. Instead, I will share the top 5 reasons I love Wegmans:

  1. They have incredible free samples. Yesterday I sampled 2 types of gourmet cheese, some freshly baked bread, iced coffee, shrimp salad with a full shrimp in it, and half a scallop. Seriously. I basically had dinner.
  2. The freshly prepared food stations. They have a vegetarian buffet bar. An Asian food buffet bar. A burrito station. A pizza station. And as though that weren’t enough, they also have an entire pub featuring a full menu and a selection of beer and wine.
  3. They sell 6-packs of beer. In PA, the law states that the only way you can purchase a 6-pack of beer (or Smirnoff, etc) is from a restaurant/bar. Needless to say there aren’t very many options of beer to choose from. Now I can just go to Wegmans where I can even CREATE MY OWN 6-pack!
  4. They have a cheese section. No, it’s nothing like the crappy cheese section you see at Acme or Safeway. It’s not even like the cheese section at Trader Joe’s. It’s a mecca of cheese. A MECCA.


  1. There is pub where they serve a full menu of food and drinks. The best part? You don’t have to tip because Wegmans covers the tip for you.

In short, Wegmans is literally my idea of heaven.  Let me die with a fistful of cheese, a whole wheat chocolate chip muffin in the other hand, and a mouthful of delicious tofu.


– Sarah #2

All photos courtesy of Wegmans.