Celebrity Gossip – It’s Back!

Friends and Comrades, it’s back! The Friday edition of the Celebrity Gossip Round up.

I knew you missed it.

Let’s start with the obvious.

Lindsay Lohan. Remember when she was just that sweet girl from The Parent Trap and Mean Girls? Ugh. Go to jail and never come back, Lindsay. I’m tired of you and I’m even more tired of your family.

The other person I’m tired of?

Mel Gibson. Remember when he was that nice guy from BraveHeart and What Women Want? Well, this woman wants you to disappear from the face of the earth, Mel Gibson. Hitting women and tossing out racial slurs and anti-Semitic nonsense like it’s your job – maybe it is your job. I haven’t seen you in any good movies lately – I hope it stays that way.

Now, on a good note.

Oprah’s ENTIRE SET was made of Godiva chocolate yesterday. Seriously. The set was created from approximately 7,000 Godiva bars and 2,400 Godiva truffles. Seriously.

You can take a tour of the set here. It’s incredible. And seemingly delicious since the audience members were invited to eat it afterwards.

Oh, Oprah. You are a genius. And a woman after my own chocolate-loving heart.

What was your favorite gossip item of the week?

– Sarah #2


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