Handy Woman

Happy 4th of July!

This weekend I’ve been a busy bee at home in MD. I hesitated to post this because my sister might see it and it will ruin the surprise; however, I can’t help it. I have the desire to share and so I’m sharing. Heidi, stop reading.

I spent my weekend building a present for my niece, Brenna’s, 1 year birthday – a miniature picnic table.

I started with these plans from Knock Off Wood. The plans are really simple, but, to be honest, I could have used a little more direction. This is probably due to the fact that I’m a carpentry novice.

Note: We had to counter sink the screws. I kept asking my dad if I had to make the sink holes. I frequently make up my own vocabulary for things.

I do have some experience building things. Yes, I helped my dad build our shed, as well as our hot tub deck. They were summer-long projects that required a variety of skills, but I was never in charge of the plans in either of those cases. And, even with my dad’s help, this project went awry several times.

However, roughly 6 hours later we prevailed.

2010-07-03 16.37.10

2010-07-03 17.25.19

The fact that this masterpiece is supporting my weight without breaking in two astounds me. I want to keep it for myself (and I would if it weren’t for the fact that my legs don’t fit under it).

It’s not perfect, but I am proud nonetheless. My dad pointed out that it leans slightly. I pointed out that it’s probably his deck that leans slightly. He should really look into that, no?

So yeah, I totally built a picnic table.

I am as surprised as you are. Trust me.

– Sarah #2


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