Outta My Way!

I’m what you might call a fast walker. This is not to be confused with a fast talker which I definitely am not. In that case, you’re thinking of Sarah #1. See how complementary we are with our combination of fast walking AND talking?

So, I don’t really do leisurely very well. Regardless of where I’m headed, I move with purpose. In the mall? In the grocery store? You better get out of my way. I will pass you. It can be annoying for those who are with me. It’s like a game where I continually consider the best way to pass people.

I suppose it’s a mild personality flaw, but I can’t help it. I implore you to keep up with; otherwise, I’ll see you at the top of the escalator because I’m not going to stand there riding it up to the top.

Long walks on the beach interest me, if completed at a brisk pace. Stopping to smell the flowers is also something I enjoy, as long as it’s merely a respite from all the fast walking. I’m not much for “slow and steady wins the race” – I get really bored. I need to be moving.

Anyway, I was reading this month’s issue of Shape magazine and I came across an interesting blurb:

“A new study from Harvard University found thatt women who walk briskly – about 3 miles per hour – are 37 percent less likely to suffer a stroke than those who don’t walk for exercise.”

The ideal speed, apparently, is one where you can still hold a conversation but probably cannot sing. Twenty minutes a day of walking at this speed is all you need – not much considering 80,000 women die from strokes each year.

I really love when random health studies justify my habits. My coffee prevents Alzheimer’s, dark chocolate lowers my blood pressure, and obnoxiously walking fast everywhere I go helps prevent strokes.

Go science!

– Sarah #2


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