Myself in the words of Twitter

Mashable is a website I often frequent due to its insane abundance of social media information and advice. It’s awesomely handy. Being my go-to site for social media, it houses a wealth of information on Twitter, including a a Twitter list directory.

I could be wrong, but this directory seems to list everyone on Twitter; otherwise, I’m not sure how I got on it. It shows that 12 people have put me on their Twitter lists (wrong; 19 people have listed me) and it says I have zero Twitter lists myself. (wrong; I have 3).

It also shows my Twitter bio and it seems to aggregate the words I most tweet about. Whether these or accurate or not, they include:

This is a hilarious and accurate depiction of myself in 11 words.

1. Wear a Dress Tuesday

2. I talk about my phone, the Droid, a lot

3. I like the gym

4. I like grammar

5. I hate pollen, especially in the Spring

6. I’m interested in (social) media, and the use of the flip camera

7. I live/work near Philly

The internet is funny.

– Sarah #2


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