New race, New Shoes

At the suggestion of my parents, I got fitted for running shoes this weekend. My parents are both starting to work out more often, including walking/jogging, and decided to get fitted for shoes themselves a few weeks ago.

I decided, hey, why not? I really know nothing about my feet and how I run. In that respect, I’m probably a horrible athlete. I am brand loyal to New Balance shoes, and I buy each pair based solely on the colors of the shoe. Additionally, I don’t ascribe to the “you need a new pair of shoes every 500 miles” rule because I feel like it’s an expensive rule.

We went to If The Shoe Fits, a store a little off the beaten path. It was small, but not crowded and the staff was really nice.

First, I took off my shoes (I was wearing flip flops) and a specialist evaluated my feet based on the way I stand. Not seeing anything peculiar, she had me walk a few feet out and back. Lucky me, I have no pronation in my feet.

After that she measured them. My right foot is just at a size 7. My other foot is slightly bigger (this is normal). Also, my feet are narrow. I thought that was surprising because usually my feet feel cramped in a lot of shoes width-wise, but maybe that’s just because my feet are claustrophobic.

So then I put on some socks and tried on 3 different potential pairs of shoes for someone with no pronation. The first pair had a high arch which is supposed to be helpful in keeping the foot from ever pronating. However, I found the arch to be unnatural and uncomfortable.

In the end, I got the pair of shoes that felt the roomiest. What can I say, my feet hate to be squeezed in – they need to breathe! They need to be free!

I got Brooks Glycerin 8 in purple.


The description online states":

“Cushioning gets cushier in the Brooks Glycerin 8 running shoe. This sporty women’s shoe delivers a customized ride for runners of all sizes and speeds. With an eco-friendly BioMoGo midsole and Brooks DNA cushioning, the Brooks Glycerin 8 shoe responds to your every step, dispersing impact and providing ideal comfort as the pace changes. The lightweight synthetic and mesh upper maintains breathability; CushPod construction delivers maximum cushioning and flexibility. The abrasion-resistant HPR Plus outsole provides long-lasting durability and traction.”

The shoes are actually a size 8.5 – HUGE! I normally wear a 7 or a 7.5, but apparently I should buy a size bigger than my normal size when purchasing long distance running shoes to prevent a number of injuries and ailments.

Who knew?!

Anyway, we’ll see how these shoes measure up. I’m a little sad to let go of my affection for New Balance shoes, but maybe I’ll discover a new love?

Only time will tell.

All I know is that sports are fun when there are fun shoe fittings involved!

I mean, I am the girl who owns these:


What can I say?  I like to get down and sweaty, but I also like being a girl. I’ll kick your ass and I’ll look good doing it.

What girl doesn’t like shoes?

– Sarah #2

P.S. Happy Anniversary, Sarah #1!


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