Sarahs. Disconnected.

In case you didn’t know, Sarah #1 has to complete an internship in order to be officially done school or become a minister or something. I get lost in the details; ask her.

Anyway, to fulfill this she’s working in a hospital as a chaplain. Good for her, right?

But not good for me. You see, usually we talk to each other off and on all day long. Literally. Unfortunately, her position isn’t conducive to her walking around with a computer or phone at her beck and call which basically means we have to wait to talk to each other at night.

Only sometimes she works at night.

Or one of us goes to bed.

Or we’re busy.

So, basically there’s a void in my life. A big fat hole (though Sarah herself is not fat).

This is what it has come to:

Sarah #1: We’re going to have to go back to email updates. Booooo.

Sarah #2: I know. I was thinking that same thing today! Booooooo. I have so much to share.

Sarah #1: We think alike like whoa.

Sarah #2: We are Sarahs.

That was our mild response. Our less mild response went like this:

Sarah #1: sarahhhhhhhhh! I hate being so disconnected from the world! ie you.

Clearly this isn’t going to end well.

– Sarah #2


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