Ooo, Shiny!

I’m not much of a girly girl. I mean, I am to the extent that the average girl is, but I’d rather spend all my time in athletic apparel and slippers than fancy dresses and make up.

However, there is one  fashion facet where I am entirely, 100%, wholly and completely a girl – sequins.

Maybe it’s because they’re shiny and bright. I really don’t know. But if something has sequins on it, I want it. I want it bad.

Steve Madden? Expert shoe designer? Ever heard of him?

The man is a genius with sequins. His use of sequins makes me swoon. Typically out my price range, I sometimes see these shoes at stores like Nordstrom Rack and try to justify their purchase because I need them. Need.

If Sarah #1 were here, she’d tell me to get them.

Do you see these? These shoes are the epitome of Sarah. In fact, there are no shoes that are more Sarah than these.


Steve Madden, TRINITIS, Retail Price: $99.95


These? I would wear these everywhere. Have you ever seen such shoes before?


Steve Madden, Sleakk, Retail Price: $110


These shoes speak to me. They say, Sarah, sequins don’t have to be fancy. They can be casual. Even my grandma could rock these.


Steve Madden, Shynee Sequined Sneaker

Clearly my love for sequins knows no fashion boundaries. And it’s not just sequins on shoes; no, it’s sequins on clothes, on purses, basically on anything. If I could cover my cat in sequins, I would.

So, there’s the secret to motivating me. Make it sparkle, make it shine, make it tacky.

It’s true; I am an eight year old girl in the body of a 25 year old. I’m going to go watch Hannah Montana now.

– Sarah #2


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