Let’s Talk Fiesta Ware

When Bruce and I got married last summer, registering for gifts was kind of a process.  Well – let’s face it.  Everything about that wedding was a process.  But we’re not talking about everything right now.  We’re talking about gifts.  Specifically, FIESTA WARE.

We already had dishes going into our wedding – we had lived together for almost two years (gasp!) and at one point Bruce had bought me these pretty red square plates that I had been swooning over.  I initially hadn’t planned on registering for any dishes, but then a friend of mine pointed out that it would be nice to have “wedding dishes”.

Then I realized that the square plates were a place setting of four.  And I fully intend on having dinner parties with more than four people.

Enter – FIESTA WARE.  More specifically, 12 place settings of Fiesta Ware.  And fruit bowls.  And vegetable bowls.  And salt and pepper shakers.  And pitchers.  And platters.  And big “jumbo” bowls.  Oh yeah – we were swimming in a sea of Fiesta Ware boxes for awhile.

The great thing about Fiesta Ware is how versatile it is.  You can mix and match colors and people think you’ve got the decorative eye of Martha Stewart.  It is relatively affordable (the place settings are around $50 a box, but when people are gifting them to you one or two at a time, it’s not that bad) and places like Kohls run fantastic sales on it (everything was buy one get one free the other day!).

I initially registered for fruit bowls thinking they were large storage type bowls.  But then I realized that they were the little ones that you get when you order fruit at a restaurant.  I have about 12 of them (in two colors) and for awhile didn’t really use them for anything.

And then summer hit with full force here in the ATL.  And I suddenly realized the vast array of things that a fruit bowl can be used for:  Perfect servings of ice cream, sorbet, yogurt & granola and applesauce.  A handful of chips, dry cereal or chex mix.  Fruit (oh yeah, what it’s meant for).  Pre-mixing spices when I cook.  Dipping sauces when I serve dinner.  The possibilities are endless!

Now I’m realizing that I’m going through these 12 fruit bowls faster than my dishwasher can keep up with them.  I was thinking of investing in some more so I wandered into Kohls the other day.  Imagine my delight when I saw …

A new color!!!!!  Lemongrass.  The new love of my life.  Some lemongrass fruit bowls would go quite perfectly with the shamrock and tangerine fruit bowls I already have, don’t you think?

Alas, I have put myself on a spending freeze.  Alas, I am trying to de-clutter my life.  Alas, lemongrass fruit bowls are not in the cards for me right now.

But one day.  We will be united.  And my kitchen will be beautiful.

But enough about me.  What do you all think of Fiesta Ware?  Too much?  Would you rather stick to one color?  Are you against color all together and would much prefer simple white dishes?  Spill!

I also just realized that I just devoted an entire post to dishware.  If that doesn’t scream “old married woman” I don’t know what does.  Sigh …

Sarah #1


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