Ramping up and Recovering

My apologies, I’ve been in ramping up/recovery mode for the past week and a half.

First, I attended one of my very best friend’s bachelorette parties, so I was ramping up for a big party.



Then I recovered by going out with my family for a Mother’s Day lunch to celebrate my mama.

Subsequently, I got an awful cold/sinus infection (at the crux of half marathon training) and had to put myself on running hiatus so I could recover. However, I was simultaneously ramping up to celebrate one of the most important weddings I will ever be a part of.

A wedding for this girl.



With two of my very best friends.


And it was fabulous.


But ever since then I’ve been recovering. Recovering from illness, recovering from celebrating, recovering from being away for a long weekend.

It’s been a process.  Am I ready for my half marathon? No. Do I still need to do laundry? Yes. Do I have about a thousand errands to run that I’ve been putting off in lieu of wedding-related errands? Yes.

But was it worth it?


Yes. Because I was with these fools.

image image image

So, that’s where I’ve been. I promise I’ll return for real very soon. Maybe after I finally do my laundry. But probably before that, because, to be honest, I never do laundry. It requires too much recovery time.

– Sarah #2


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