Pajamas or Jeans?

The radio station I listen to on the way to work in the morning (WMMR 93.3 – The Preston and Steve Show) has been hawking the same item in one of their paid advertisements for the past few weeks in anticipation of Mother’s Day.


That’s what they’re called. PajamaJeans. One word, just like that.


According to the commercial, Oprah loves them, Rachael Ray loves them, and thus my mother will love them!

So, being a good daughter, I looked for them online. You know, in case my mom wanted them… or in case I wanted them – because if Oprah has them down as a favorite thing, Sarah #2 probably should own them. Because I have the same taste as a billionaire television star with a hearty laugh.


“Pajamas you live in. Jeans you sleep in. PajamaJeans are the best of both worlds. Great for travel or everyday wear, they’re made of our exclusive and innovative denim fabric called Dormisoft® that’s super soft and stretchy, resulting in an unbelievably comfortable pair of jeans that she’ll love wearing out…or love wearing to bed.” 

They’re sweatpants 2.0. You can wear them out and about and then just sleep in them that night. Basically you never have to change. Ever.

Where were these when I was in college wearing sweatpants 24/7?! I could have tricked so many people into thinking I put effort into my clothing!

Then I was watching 30 Rock and I found out that they too have an affection for pajamas that double as pants.

Watch it. (At the 6:16 mark).

image image

Pajamaralls… pajamaralways!

This is like my clothing dream come true. Now I can always wear pajamas. Pajamaralways indeed.

(Now less flammable).

– Sarah #2


3 Responses to Pajamas or Jeans?

  1. Kathy Weddle says:

    So Christmas is coming. Will I get a pair then? I want the conservative looking (not those chef pants) style, thank you.

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  3. sewwhatsarahs says:

    Yes, you will get a pair. Ha.

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