An Email Exchange with my Sister

Me: How did you become Facebook friends with Mrs. XXXX – assuming this is up-the-street Mrs. XXXX who taught me sixth grade…

Heidi: She taught me too.  She found me!

Me: I am creeped out by that. Does she still live up the street? All I remember about her is that I got an A+ on my speech about how to  prepare and eat an artichoke in her class, Laura Lag and I wrote a story together involving a dog and our creek for that class, and she taught me the Comma But Rule which I proceeded to incorrectly decipher until 3 years ago. She made me a comma abuser.

Heidi: She taught me how to spell tomrrow.  I’m not sure where she lives anymore or even if she still teaches.

Me: The irony of the fact that you just spelled tomorrow wrong is awesome.

I do love the Comma But Rule. It’s the one thing I clearly remember learning in middle school. Maybe the only thing, besides surface tension.

Happy Birthday, Heidi!

– Sarah #2


One Response to An Email Exchange with my Sister

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