Happy Birthday Sarah #2!!

Today is Sarah #2’s birthday. I really wish that I could be there to celebrate with her. But alas – I’m stuck in Georgia and she is being well-cared for by her friends and coworkers in Pennsylvania.

Now … Lest you think that because we are not together I don’t have a picture or a story for you …

… I have a picture and story for you.

When Sarah #2 turned 21 in college, we were juniors and I was the only other one of our friends who was 21.  But everyone wanted to drink celebrate with her anyway – so we had a party in her room, counted down to midnight (because that’s what you do in college – you don’t wait until the morning to celebrate when you can do it at midnight) and then Sarah #2 and I went down to the bar for her first legal drink.

When we walked in, we showed the bouncer our IDs.  He looked at Sarah #2’s, looked at the clock and said, “Don’t throw up.”

Really … that’s good advice anywhere, not just at a bar on your 21st birthday.

So Sarah #2 and I are sitting at the bar talking to the bartender.  He apparently had graduated from Ursinus the year before so we started talking about school and then about life and before we knew it two hours had passed and I really needed to get back, because – well – I had a Logic exam at 8 a.m.  We told the bartender we were leaving because of my exam and it was at that point that he suggested we do a shot of tequila, on him.  I told him I shouldn’t because I needed to be in a good state of mind for my exam.  He said it would actually help me.  I was skeptical.

So we did.  And then we took this picture.

Six hours later I took an exam.  And if I remember correctly, I got an A.

And then we went back to the bar that afternoon for happy hour.  After all, why only celebrate once?



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