Gossip Round Up – ACM Edition

Sunday was the ACM’s (American Country Music Awards). I actually forgot to watch – astonishing, I know, coming from someone who scours the TV Guide at least twice a day. But, it happens.

Don’t worry, I caught up with all the winners/losers, performances, and fashions online. And now, I’ll offer my own person critiques.

imageI’m biased. Carrie Underwood is heaven to me. She’s gorgeous and she sings like a gosh darn angel. I’d pay money to be her. Her fashion is usually sort of, well, awful. But, good work this time, Carrie. And way to win Entertainer of the Year. You deserve it. I should know, I’ve seen you in concert 3 times. I give you a 3.5/5. I hold you to higher standards. Sorry.

imageTaylor Swift. I think your songs are catchy and your lyrics make me feel like a high school girl. I don’t think you can sing any better than me, but  I will admit that you are much prettier than I am. And, you can wear a damn dress. I give you a 4/5. You could have picked a less subtle color.  

imageFaith Hill got old. Tim McGraw is still hot when he keeps his hat on. I think that’s pretty much how it goes for them these days. I give them a 4.5/5 only because it’s nice that they’re happily married (though my college roommate told me once that he propositioned her friend in a bar) and aging with grace. Classy, not trashy.

imageReba is hot. I love her dress and she has a nice body. But, please lay off the botox. Your face doesn’t even look like it belongs to you. Yuck. Minus 2 points for you face – 3/5.

imageJewel, I still am not quite sure that you are a bonafide country musician. I like your music; I sometimes like your fashion. This is a total win. 5/5.

image Miranda Lambert could have picked a more flattering dress for her body type. The color is pretty and her make up is flawless. Plus, I follow her on Twitter and I like how real she is. 4/5, Miranda. Just try to accentuate your hips a little less. You have what are referred to as birthing hips. Keep them on the dl.

Winner’s Circle

imageJennifer Nettles of Sugarland only gets more beautiful and more fashionable with age. Each awards show she is more and more astounding. This was no exception. Girlfriend can work a dress, hard. 5/5.

imageHillary Scott of Lady Antebellum. I don’t know anything about her except for the songs her band sings. But, I now know that she can dress and she can dress well. This dress is flattering and the color is amazing on her. She certainly draws your attention!

Speaking of fashion, have you ever checked out Rent the Runway? Basically it’s a service that makes high fashion affordable. You can browse for a designer dress, pay a small fee, and they’ll deliver it in 2 sizes (just in case). Wear it, flaunt it, then return it in pre-paid packaging. Phenomenal, no?

I’m dying for a good opportunity to try this out. You know, so I can pretend I’m attending the CMA’s. Then you can judge my fashion.

Who do you think was the best dressed? What dress would you choose from Rent the Runway?

– Sarah #2


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