In Response to “Shoeless Sarah”

(via Google Buzz)

Neal Cooper – I know you’re the grammar whiz here, but wouldn’t the correct wording have been: "Hell didn’t swallow me up and God didn’t SMITE me"?

Just curious

And hopeful that I caught you in a grammatical error 🙂

Sarah Weddle – Well, smote is the past tense and a past participle of smite. But, basically no one ever uses it. So, I think grammatically it could be either. I debated with it for half of LOST.

I took a poll in my office and no one can figure it out.

Anne suggested, "God did not smoteth me."

So the answer is, I have no idea. But I really wanted to say smote.

Neal Cooper – Hmph. Sounds weak to me.

Sarah Weddle – Haha. It is pretty weak.

Alexandra Gaustad – 5 bucks says Neal doesn’t know what a participle is. 😀

Neal Cooper – A participle is a little bit of something – you grind up a piece of metal into a whole bunch of participles, right? 😛

Sarah Weddle – Thank you for writing my next blog post via your comments.

Participle: In linguistics, a participle can be a verb or an adjective (participial phrase). It is a derivative of a non-finite verb, which can be used in compound tenses or voices, or as a modifier. Participles often share properties with other parts of speech, in particular adjectives  and nouns. (from Wikipedia)

(Happy Birthday, Alex!)

– Sarah #2


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