Friday Gossip Round Up

I forgot last week. Sue me.

Now, onto the gossip.

Glee: Glee returned this week. And you know what? It was AWESOME. I don’t care if you don’t like singing. I don’t care if you don’t like campy, soap opera-esque shows that make fun of themselves. I don’t care. Because I like them. And, I’m fairly certain this show was created solely for me, to provide material for me to sing in my car. So suck it.

Shannen Doherty: Shannen is releasing a book that I assume will be riddled with gossip circa 1990 – the best kind. In case you’re not as “culturally” aware as me, Shannen starred on 90210 for a long time and then left amid gossip about how she’s a biotch. Subsequently, she was on Charmed for a long time and then left amid gossip about how she’s a biotch. I love a good biotch and I love backstage gossip from shows long gone. Don’t worry, I’ll take it upon myself to read it and recap it for you.

Whitney Houston: Once upon a time my sister and I owned a Whitney Houston Barbie. Our Whitney has mismatched shoes, wore slutty outfits, and never brushed her hair. I believe we directly foreshadowed Whitney’s fate. Word on the street is that Whitney’s concert performances haven’t been so great. Whitney, you should have hired Kevin Costner to protect you from the coke. Didn’t consider that, did you? And, maybe you’ll always love me, but I’m over you. Sorry; it’s time to retire.

Britney Spears: I love her. I don’t care if she’s a horrible role model. But, for once, she’s done something awesome. She’s released un-airbrushed photos of herself to be compared with the airbrushed photos. She’s hot no matter what, but it’s nice to know she’s shapely and has blemishes and cellulite. Now, not only do I think she’s a normal person because she’s crazy, I also think she’s normal because she’s physically flawed. Additionally, I still think we can be friends. Either way, good for her, putting the truth out there. Someone should discuss that with Mariah Carey.

– Sarah #2


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