WADT – Fail.

Today was WADT (Wear A Dress Tuesday). I forgot. Well, I remembered eventually, but by then it was too late. It made me sad in my heart.

But, you know what made my day better? The fact that I won this awesome, cool garlic press from We Are Not Martha. That left me with a high much akin to WADT.

In other WADT-related news, I tried to buy a dress this weekend. I went to my favorite store – Target – expecting to find a nice summery dress to wear today, and then again this weekend at my niece, Brenna’s, baptism.


I’m so sad I had to type those words, but Target, you let me down.

First of all, the cute summery dress that I really wanted was once again all out in my size in every single pattern. And this was my second attempt to purchase it. Or, at least try it on.

So, I tried on a dress from the clearance rack because it was moderately cute and also, did I mention it was on clearance? Unfortunately, I looked sort of like a bag lady. So, it was a no go. Sad because I like to purchase things that are marked down and revel in my thriftiness.

So, I moved on and tried on another.


I swear it’s cuter than this picture illustrates. However, the skirt was very floofy and short girls like me aren’t made for floofy skirts. So, another no go.

I believe Target’s inability to satiate my desire to spend money I shouldn’t be spending on a dress, directly played a role in me forgetting to wear a dress today.

Further, I hope Brenna understands that when I show up to her baptism naked, Target is to blame. I guess God was sending me a sign that there’s a better dress out there, waiting for me.

Where should I go to find a good dress for WADT?

– Sarah #2


One Response to WADT – Fail.

  1. Sarah says:

    I dare you to show up naked. Tell your pastor that you’re just bringing everyone back to the Garden.

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