Crafty, Quick Fix

I feel compelled to share a super easy project that I recently accomplished, with the help of my dad, because I am so proud of my craftiness.

I have a favorite pair of earrings (I think from Kohl’s), but I haven’t been able to wear them recently because all the (fake) silver has chipped off of the ear hook and become sort of rusty.

I have sensitive ears to begin with, when it comes to earrings, so these seemed like they were headed for the trash. I was so disappointed because, as the label shows below, they were originally $15 and I adore them.

Enter A.C. Moore (or Michaels), the solution to all problems, of a crafty nature.


This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but the hooks on the bottom are the gross, rusty hooks that I removed from my earrings. I was able to salvage the earring’s danglies and attach them to 2 new earring hooks I found at Michael’s – a package was 99 cents. (No, these aren’t sterling silver, but I believe the store carried some that were – for a higher cost).

Besides 2 pairs of hands (for the intricate attaching of pieces), the only tool required was a pair of needle-nose pliers. Luckily, the danglies were all attached to one, small silver circle (that had an opening), and that circle was attached to the original hook. So, we pulled the circle open to remove it from the hook, then reattached the circle to the new hook and VOILA!

I salvaged one of my most favorite pairs of earrings in less than 10 minutes and for less than a dollar (before tax). Yay!

Tip: Craft stores carry a lot of pieces that can help you recover broken or dying jewelry. Before you throw away something you love (that’s too cheap to bother taking to a repair shop), check out A.C. Moore or Michaels – they might have exactly what you need!

And, if you’re still feeling crafty, check out this earring holder that Sarah #1 made a few months ago. Genius!

– Sarah #2


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