Tori and Dean

Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood premieres TONIGHT at 10 p.m. on Oxygen!!!!!

Yes, I am a seminary student.

Yes, I understand reality and I understand that Hollywood “reality” shows are far from actual reality.

Yes, I realize things are fabricated for ratings and to keep people like me watching.

Yes, there are better things I could be doing (like studying or writing my sermon for Sunday or writing my ordination papers) than watching Hollywood stars and starletts air their dirty laundry on TV.

No, watching Tori & Dean will probably never provide me with any tools for sermon writing, counseling or church administration.


So I guarantee that tonight I will rush home from class (Chaplaincy in a Multi-Religious context, you’ve got NOTHING on Tori & Dean), park myself in front of the TV with my laptop (“studying”) and filling in poor Sarah #2, who DOESN’T HAVE OXYGEN and therefore will not be able to watch live.

And then I will probably blog about how amazing it was.

And then you will all lose whatever respect you had for me.

Sarah #1

p.s. Don’t forget to wear a dress tomorrow!!!!!


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