A little pre-Easter treat


Today I ran 7.5 miles. Accidentally. I started with good intentions, but it was a disaster. The first 4-5 miles were great, but after that I got lost… again… and again. And then I got sad and frustrated and cold.

Thus, I needed a sweet, post-run treat. I wanted Rita’s.

As many people know, Rita’s gives out free water ice on the first day of Spring, a concept I was introduced to at Ursinus, as the Rita’s at home in Maryland are few and far between.

I love free stuff, and Rita’s sure does not skimp on its delicious offering. Granted, I’m a snowball girl myself – I am from Maryland, and I grew up eating delicious snowballs procured from the finest of roadside shacks. So, the concept of a more expensive, less homegrown version of my childhood treat seemed volatile to me, a girl who despises change and favors nostalgia. But, I love me some Rita’s.

So, this year, on the first day of Spring (a Saturday!), I would not shut up about needing my free water ice. Unfortunately, it is a heavily advertised promotion, so the first Rita’s we stopped at… well, we didn’t stop; it was just way too crowded. But, I carried on, with the promise of going to another Rita’s later in the day to get the new flavor – peeps!

The reason for my love of peeps is twofold – first of all, if you haven’t noticed, my 3 best friends from home are regularly referred to as my Peeps, so this is like a treat named after 3 of my favorite people. Secondly, I love eating peeps. Mmmm, sugar covered sugar. So, imagine my excitement at the prospect of an icy peep.

But, we finally got to another Rita’s and THEY WERE OUT OF PEEPS FLAVOR. I was so sad. And, to make it worse, I got Citrus Burst, which was lime flavored ice with lemon chunks and it was so awful I threw 60% of it away. Rita’s Fail. And major Sarah disappointment.

So, today, I finally found Rita’s success when, not only did I finally get my water ice, but I also got a free chocolate covered peep! This totally made up for all the Rita’s failure of yore.

And, let me tell you, it was delicious.

It was a peeps party in my mouth. And a party with peeps is the best kind, of course. 😉

Now the disastrous run was well worth it. I could probably run some more now. I’m on a great sugar high. Mmmm, sugar.

– Sarah #2


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