It’s More Than Just a Dress

Wear a Dress Tuesday … What’s the point?

It is not just about the fact that wearing dresses can make an ordinary day – or even a ‘blah’ day – special.  Because you could wear a dress any day of the week and practically achieve the same goal.  It’s about the girls that are doing it with you.  Wearing a dress on Wear a Dress Tuesday reminds you every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or smooth out a wrinkle in your outfit that you are not alone.  Girls all around the world have days where they feel fat, bloated and want to stay in bed.  Girls all around the world yearn to feel special – even just for one moment.  Girls all around the world give themselves unreachable expectations concerning who they are as a wife, daughter, friend, sister, employee and more – and they are disappointed in themselves when they fall short.

Wear a Dress Tuesday isn’t about one person trying to make their day better by wearing a dress.  It is about a community of friends – those nearby and those from afar – being joined together by a day that was designed to make them feel special.  It is about coming together by an article of clothing and feeling fabulous, feeling special and feeling like you have conquered all of your expectations.

Last night I was in class until 9 p.m. and much of it was spent giggling with two of my girlfriends over our pre-class shopping and dinner trip.  They will both be partaking in Wear a Dress Tuesday.

When I got home from class I posted a facebook status that asked who would be joining Sarah #2 and me and heard back from several others who will all be partaking in Wear a Dress Tuesday.

As I burned the midnight oil to finish a paper that was due today, I was talking to Sarah #2 on gchat and we discussed how the weather was trying to put a damper on my choice for Wear a Dress Tuesday.  I don’t care that it is only 39 degrees right now.  I am wearing a spring dress for Wear a Dress Tuesday.

Join Sarah #2 and I (and many of our friends!!) as we take back the Tuesdays.

Sarah #1


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