We Never Claimed to be Cool

My computer is back to life! Well, it’s mostly back to life. The point is that it’s functional, and maybe once I figure out how to be technologically savvy then it will officially be back to life.

But currently iTunes and I are having a fight to the death and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to win. It probably knows I have the Droid and is mad that I’m not an Apple geek.

Sorry, Steve Jobs, I can’t afford to be your avid follower, even if I did write my grad school thesis on your company.

Anyway, I’m really here to point out that just in case you wondered, Sarah #1 and I are still huge dorks.


Me: there’s an indoor track at the ymca and i saw women walking around on it together and i was like awww, where’s sarah

Sarah: awww I want to do that. will you grow old and walk with me?

Me: i so will

Sarah: sweeeet. I can’t wait

Me: we’ll be cute old people. making yogurt, baking cookies, walking

Sarah: drinking coffee with our cookies

Me: and dark chocolate

Sarah: and watching bad tv like secret life. which I’m currently watching

… And then it’s possible we spent roughly 45 minutes discussing Secret Life of the Pregnant Chick. It’s the worst show, but we just can’t look away…

because we’re that cool.


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