I once again apologize for not posting more often. But, my computer is having some major issues. We’re on a break right now. Things aren’t looking good for our future.

Anyway, despite that major, heartbreaking minor setback, I am attempting to blog for the good of mankind. Or, just so Sarah #1 and Bruce have something to read after they’re done eating all the cake he bought her for her birthday. Yes, I’m jealous. After a huge minor computer mishap, I could go for a slice of heaven, because I’m fairly certain, based on the pictures, that that cake was made of heaven.

Mmmm. Heaven.

Right, so, besides blog issues there have been an abundance of snow issues. I love snow. So, all the shoveling and inconveniences? Get over it.

Look! Pretty, shiny thing falling from the sky!

There have been 3 significant snowfalls this winter. It’s been incredible. And awesome. And I finally got my “snow day” from work that I’ve been waiting for. I actually got two of them.

I had to work from home, but doing work in my pajamas with the TV on is so much better from actually doing work at work. In fact, I was more productive parked in front of the television. That’s just how I roll. And generate brain function.

So, one of the days I went sledding. This required walking pretty far down the street past a couple developments of houses located near a school.

Now, I guess this is one of those moments when I start to feel old or whatever, but when I was kid, snow days from school meant hanging outside all day with the neighbor kids building forts and trying to shovel more snow back into the road to prevent school from opening.

But there we were, walking along, and NOT ONE KID WAS OUTSIDE PLAYING. I’m 24 years old, walking down the street carrying a sled to the hill at the school nearby and there were no kids to be seen.

I was all like WTF. Where are the kids? Why aren’t they sledding? Why aren’t they having snowball fights? Is this an alternate universe?

The answer I received to my outrage and shouting?

They are probably inside playing blizzard Wii.

And then I felt old. But, on the bright side, no one was there to make fun of me for wiping out hardcore on my sled.

– Sarah #2


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