Tuesdays are for Sarahs

It all started in college with Gilmore Girls. Sarah K. (now Sarah #1) and I would dedicate Tuesdays to ourselves. This basically meant we’d indulge in coffee and dark chocolate conversations during the day, in between classes.

Then, we’d hit up Zack’s (the “restaurant” at Ursinus) for some veggie wraps (I miss those so much). And then, the best part, we’d watch Gilmore Girls on the WB/CW at 8pm. Typically, we’d watch it from side-by-side treadmills in the gym.

Although, sometimes we’d watch from treadmills that weren’t next to each other and we’d make crazy motions and yell things across the cardio area. Whatever. Tuesdays are for Sarahs.

Anyway, in the past few months, we’ve reclaimed Tuesdays. We live in different states now, and unfortunately, Gilmore Girls is no longer in the primetime line up. So, we’ve created wear-a-dress-Tuesdays. Basically, we wear dresses on Tuesdays. Creative, I know. But, you’re talking to a girl who wears jeans to work every day. So, a dress makes the day special, and hopefully awesome.

However, recall when Sarah and I went shopping together in King of Prussia? Sarah emerged with a dress that I desperately wanted, but they didn’t have enough of. I was sad. I scoured the internet for that dress, before stumbling across it in the same store in a different mall. Obviously I bought it.

I should have known this would happen eventually. Sarah #1 texted me this morning, “Wear a dress Tuesday!!!!”


I replied, “It’s hard to take a pic of myself.”


Sarah #1 immediately said, “Omg we are wearing the same thing.”

So yeah. Tuesdays are for Sarahs. And they’re for dressing alike unintentionally.

(They’re also for NCIS, which I guess is the new Gilmore Girls. Maybe we’re growing up?)

– Sarah #2


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