Sarah #2 is the funny one

Last week, Bruce and I were in Pennsylvania visiting his family and we spent one night at this hole-in-the-wall bar eating wings with some friends.  Friends who also know Sarah #2.

Our good friend Neal was explaining how Sarah #2 set him up with google reader, so now he has no excuse as to why he doesn’t read our blog.

This started the conversation of SEW WHAT?!  I said I hadn’t posted in awhile because I hadn’t really felt inspired – and that I wasn’t as funny as Sarah Weddle, so my posts just didn’t compete.

I was hoping that with a comment like that, I would hear a chorus of, “Oh no you are JUST as funny, I was rolling when I read your post about EZ Combs.”

Guess what?  NO SUCH COMMENT.  Instead, I heard, “Well, you’re just the more serious of the two,” “Well, she just has a way with words,” “Did you read her post about old people?” and (my personal favorite) “She just knows how to deliver a punch!!”

Nice, right?

And, to add insult to injury, this became the running joke of the night.  Don’t put “being funny” on your resume, because you’re not as funny as Sarah Weddle.  Where’s the waitress?  Who knows, she’s probably not giving us good service because SARAH’S NOT AS FUNNY AS SARAH WEDDLE.

Apparently “Two Sarah’s – Sharing initials and sharing humor” will not be our new tagline.

Sarah #1


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