Christmas Coma

What can I say? Sarah #1 and I spent more time enjoying our holidays than blogging. I’d say that we’re sorry, but let’s face it, we’re not. At all.

Personally, I had a very nice Christmas. Good times with my family and my friends and delicious food. (Insert drool).

Now that I’m back in the swing of things, after 1.5 weeks off of work, you’d think that I’d be very productive and very motivated. And, you’d be right. I’m productively utilizing my Christmas presents and very motivated to make use of them.

So yeah, I’m sitting here in my Snuggie (thanks, Shlee!), wearing slipper socks (Shlee!), and Under Armour sweatpants (perfecto, madre!), watching Secret Life of that Pregnant Chick. This show is like a car accident. It’s so bad, but I cannot look away.

Prior to this I was playing Lego Batman on my XBOX (my parents!). Go ahead, picture it. Me, in a PINK Snuggie, watching the worst show on television, laying next to an XBOX controller and eating popcorn out of Christmas tin (my grandma knows what I like).

Sexy, right? I’m the epitome of class.

I’m so classy I’m going to go eat some jelly beans and a tiny bottle of alcohol from my stocking. Santa was good to me this year. He really knows what I like. Wink Wink.

(That mildy dirty joke alluding to me and the man in the red suit was my gift to you. Ho Ho HO)!

– Sarah #2


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