I really DO like whiskey.


Neal: guess what i’m eating

me: mac and cheese

Neal: mesquite bbq kettle cooked potato chips. good guesses though!

Neal: eating whiskey? haha

me: yeah, there was an obvious flaw there

Neal: guess it could have been whiskey soaked something

me: mmmm, whiskey soaked something

Neal: i know!

me: now i’m just thinking of delicious things that could be whiskey soaked. brownies.

Neal: really? hmm

me: or maybe like… a ginger snap dipped in whiskey

Neal: mmm

me: we could start a business. whiskey filled chocolates

Neal: i’m having a homer moment. head leaned back, drooling

me: i’m having a similar moment


One Response to I really DO like whiskey.

  1. Bruce Weaver says:


    There are a lot of recipes here all of them have bourbon and bourbon is whiskey.

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