I’m Waging a War.

It’s a goal of mine to make other people think more about their grammar (because I am, admittedly, a huge nerd). I’m full of passion, including grammatical passion – I even yell at people on the TV who speak incorrectly.  It’s like an offense against my language. I won’t stand for it. But, I’ll help you learn.

Once, I dated a guy (we broke up), and 3 years later he told me he still corrects people who don’t use adverbs correctly… because of me! I’m just one girl, trying to change the world, one horrible grammatical error at a time. Join me, Sarah #1 has.

Sarah: I had a dream last night that you were telling me that you liked a word I used in a blog post and I woke up thinking, "great – now I’m dreaming about your love of grammar"

Me: wow, that really made my day

Sarah: oh man, of course it does. grammar nerd. I say that with love

She doesn’t say that with love, but at least she said it with correct grammar.

– Sarah #2


One Response to I’m Waging a War.

  1. Mom says:

    I am waging a war to bring back adverbs! I am with you all the way in correcting this world of incorrect grammar usage.

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