Don’t you hate it when you leave a candle burning all night and it melts out of the tray you had it on, dripping all the way down your dresser and into a big pile of hardened wax on the floor?


Just me?

Well, anyway. If you ever find yourself with a golf-ball sized pile of wax embedded into your carpet, I have the solution for you.

Step One: DO NOT try to pick it off the carpet. That will just cause the carpet to fray.
Step Two: Find your iron stored in the back of your closet.
Step Three: Wipe the dust off your iron. Be horrified at how little time you actually spend taking care of your clothes and vow to spend more time ironing and less time shaking clothes and hoping that does the trick.
Step Four: Cover the wax with a piece of paper.
Step Five: Cover the paper with a shirt.
Step Six: Iron the shirt like you would iron any other shirt – do this until you feel the pile of wax shrinking.
Step Seven: Remove the shirt from the paper.
Step Eight: Remove the paper from the carpet – take care as it will be covered in hot wax.
Step Nine: Run your hand over the carpet to make sure all of the wax is gone.
Step Ten: Revel in your craftiness.

Sarah #1 – Solving the world’s problems, one pile of wax at a time.


One Response to Ironing SUCCESS

  1. BandAid says:


    I DEFINITELY explained this to you while driving North to PA! How the heck do you not reference me in any of this!?!?!? How about a “Hey, Neal told me about this! Isn’t it cool how well it works?” Geesh, I feel cheap.

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