2 Sarah’s, 1 Pennsylvania. Recap by Sarah #2.

As I stated in a previous post, things are lame for Sarah #2. I’ve been all LET’S GO BACK TO SEPTEMBER!! RARRRRRR! GRUMBLE! BOOOOOO! HISS! – this is an accurate imitation of myself.

But, this weekend, I got the best distraction I could have ever asked for – Sarah #1 came to Pennsylvania (where she belongshint, hint)!! The rain was pouring down and we spent a majority of our time together looking like wet dogs, but it didn’t matter. Because we were totally in the same state.

DSCF1921 DSCF1922

Thus, we began by engaging in the most important Sarah activity – story time (back in the day, Sarah #1 used to wake me up to tell me what had happened to her while I was asleep like a normal person; those were goooood stories): For once, we got to catch up and have story time in person (instead of via email/gchat/AIM/the phone) and we spent copious minutes attempting to solve each other’s problems.

With no solutions, more grumbling from myself, and hopped up on Wawa coffee (mmmm), we headed to Rite Aid, specifically in search of EZ Combs. Oh yes, you remember them. We set out to buy them because Sarah #1 is obsessed, but we decided to save our money for something more useful. This turned out to be a good idea once we hit the motherland – King of Prussia Mall. (Insert a choir of angels, Sarah #1 is in Seminary, after all.)

In the spirit of disclosure, I hate shopping. Seriously. I get bored. I get tired. I complain. I need to sit down.  Yes, I realize that this is not normal for a girl. So, I feared for Sarah #1 when we decided to go shopping.

However, we turned our shopping excursion into a mini-workout and it was automatically more appealing to me. By this I mean that we power walked like nobody’s business through that mecca of a mall. And we actually bought things! (If you know me, this is a rare feat as I can talk myself out of buying anything, and usually everything).

Shopping with Sarah x 2 = success (but not for our bank accounts). To make matters worse (by which I mean more awesome), we bought the same outfit. As Sarah said “SEW: Sharing Initials, Thoughts, and Clothes.” We also awkwardly shared one of the smallest dressing rooms in the creation of the world. We got judged, much like you’re judging us right now.

So, my weekend was awesome. So awesome I’m sad it ended and I’m even more sad that Georgia is a bajillion hours away (that’s a precise measurement).

Now I need her to come back so that I have someone to tell me that it’s okay to buy these shoes:


Also, so we can spend sufficient time in the As Seen On TV store instead of staring in the window for 5 minutes discussing how we didn’t have time to go inside. 

Note to everyone: Life is better if you’ve got a Sarah in it. Find one today for an instant dose of happiness. I’ve got one. You should too.

– Sarah #2


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