My Father’s Pipe Dreams

My poor father thinks he actually has control. Poor, confused man.

weddle.patrick: saw brenna. she asked about you

Me: did you tell i said "yo?"

weddle.patrick: no, trying to raise her hip hop free

Me: not gonna happen

weddle.patrick: already had the piercing, tattoo talk

Me: b/c that worked so well with heidi

weddle.patrick: didn’t start early enough. covered it this time

Me: i’d also like to point out that john had a bar in the skin between eyes and has 2 tattoos. so either you’re screwed OR seeing her parents’ tattoos will freak her out

weddle.patrick: that’s why i do not smoke

Me: well, that didn’t help the other 2 of your siblings

weddle.patrick: happens

Me: yeah, remember that when brenna has tattoos

weddle.patrick: damn


– Sarah #2


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