I Love TV Part 2

Part 2 of my discussion of how much I love television this season! How much do I love it?! A LOT. Seriously, read on for more new television greatness.

“Awesome New Television: Part 2.”

Community: I love Joe McHale (E!’s The Soup, anyone?), so I had to give this show a chance. Plus, it comes on right after The Office which is just good planning. Anyway, this show is decent. Chevy Chase is in it. And that guy from all those online videos. The show is humorous enough. I find myself enjoying the last 5 minutes where there is always some sort of hilarious little comedy sketch situation. Though there are moments worth watching throughout the entire show. But, again, I watch this on Hulu because I’m usually watching Grey’s with Shlee. (Thursdays, 9:30pm, NBC).

Flash Forward: THIS IS THE NEW LOST. Well, it’s supposed to be. I have to say, it has my attention. It’s mysterious and makes me yell at the TV which is the exact same as LOST, so that’s a good thing. I am holding onto my judgment for now. However, everyone should get on board with this show now otherwise they’ll all be I can’t watch that because I didn’t see the first few episodes and now I’m confused and blah blah like they were with LOST. Get over it. (Thursdays, 8:00pm, ABC).

Modern Family: I just discovered this show this week. I remember seeing commercials over the summer and thinking that I should remember to watch it and then I forgot. It probably conflicts with my intense TV schedule as I do not know what night it even comes on. But, I was bored and watched the first episode of this on Hulu and then it was so funny that I watched the second. HI-larious. Watch it now. Or, when it’s actually scheduled to be on TV. (Wednesdays (seriously, best night on TV), 9:00pm, ABC).

Late Night Standbys Include: Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, Friends, Will & Grace. Also, I sometimes get distracted way too much by the Spanish Channel. And the public access channel that plays all those school recitals. That crap is addictive.

Also, though not included on this list anywhere, I love General Hospital. LOVE. Really love. Don’t get me started on all the love.

So, go watch all these shows. They are Sarah-approved. And, though my father would tell you that that’s a good reason not to watch them, I occasionally have really good taste.

– Sarah #2


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