Peeps. You wish you had them.

Sadly (?), this is a typical conversation between the two of us. We progressed from talking about my serious weekend to things that no one else would ever care about. We’re this cool in real life too.

Laura: God certainly has a sense of humor

me: ha. i dont find it all that funny. dear god, you’re not funny. stop trying. love, sarah- p.s. i’d like a million dollars

Laura: will you share?

me: duh. let’s spend it on trips to the set of general hospital and ice cream and shoes. let’s BUY the set of general hospital. OMG, THEN I CAN BE ON GENERAL HOSPITAL

Laura: and your life will be complete

me: yeah, then i can write my novel

Laura: you have enough material

me: i know! my current situation will just enhance the story. Hey silver lining, I’m Sarah.

me: unrelated to anything else: i want to carve a pumpkin

Laura: I carved pumpkins about 3 years ago

me: are you judging me? or is that just jealousy of my cool life? b/c i carved an awesome one last year. it was this monster. it took forever. my parents totally judged me

Laura: no, Im sad its been that long. last year we bought a pumpkin to carve but it got old and mushy before I carved it

me: then this is your year!


me: okay, i’m going to bed. i’m le tired from this craptastic weekend

Laura: yeah me too I need to get up in 7 hrs. blah

me: ew

Laura: I love you!

me: i love you mucho mas amiga!

Laura: gracias

me: de nada. hasta la vista

Laura: baby

me: haha byeee

Laura: bye!

– Sarah #2


One Response to Peeps. You wish you had them.

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