Yoga Part II

So in this post Sarah #2 expressed her severe disliking for yoga. That was clear.

This semester I’m taking a class on the three religions of South Asia – we’re studying Hinduism right now, and have been looking at the Upanisads, which are Hindu scriptures.

According to Gavin Flood, who wrote “An Introduction to Hinduism,” the Upanisads “define themselves centrally within the vedic tradition as a reinterpretation of the ritual process and an elucidation of its inner meanings … The emphasis on a more personal religious experiences is indicated not only in internalized meditation but also in the idea of a direct transmission of teacher to disciple.”

In other words – the Upanisads place significant emphasis on meditation & connection – i.e. YOGA.

My first thought when reading this was, “ohhh, I wonder if we’ll get to do yoga during class tonight – how cool would that be?”

Sarah #2 – you really are the ying to my yang. I love the fact that we are friends despite the fact that the prospect of yoga releases tension in my muscles while it makes you want to do drugs.

Shalom friends,
Sarah #1


2 Responses to Yoga Part II

  1. Sarah says:

    Hahahahaha. I have no explanation for that other than the fact that I think I carry a lot of pent up aggression.

  2. Band-Aid says:

    Maybe you should just smoke a bit of dope and give it a go?

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