Who You Gonna Call? (Peeps)

Screw the Ghostbusters.

Laura seemed to think that my post about her reaction to my pouring yogurt all over myself painted her in a bad light.

First of all, it’s impossible to paint Laura in a bad light. Second of all, I’ve never laughed harder than when she ran the 50 yard dash in first grade and completely bit it after about 25 yards. (I have it on tape. I’ll show you sometime). Friends forgive friends for laughing at the stupid things that happen to them.

Plus, you know someone is your best friend when she calls you on a Friday evening and you start crying and her reply is “Where is that cat you live with? Go find him and make him sit with you.”

Because only a best friend would know that that’s good advice and not a trivialization of my situation.

Plus, the cat was already in my lap. She knows me too well. So, it’s okay that she laughed at the thought of me being covered in yogurt.

– Sarah #2


3 Responses to Who You Gonna Call? (Peeps)

  1. Mitch says:

    I want youtube proof of Laura biting it 50% in to the 50 yard dash. PLEASEEEEE! (A shot of whiskey is in it for you!)

  2. sewwhatsarahs says:

    Mitch, if you tell me how to turn a VHS tape into a youtube video, you have a deal. Mostly because I want the shot of whiskey. Clearly you know me too well.

  3. Band-Aid says:

    In the interests of seeing Laura bite it on YouTube you should 1) buy a video capture card to hook your VCR to your computer 2) hook your VCR to the input of a DVD recorder, burn it to disc, then copy to your computer and POST POST POST!

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