Free The Condoms Part II

I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but I’ve been doing a little bit of research as to why condoms are locked up in certain stores.  It has to do with theft – apparently condoms are some of the more often stolen item from pharmacies and owners and managers are concerned that keeping them unlocked will diminish the supply and there won’t be any left for paid customers.

See this article and this article for an example of how one store (ahem, CVS) was slapped on the hand for locking up condoms and is starting to make positive change.

Here’s what I don’t understand – store owners and managers are treating this like it’s a consumer problem.  People are stealing their products and they’re losing money.  But I don’t think it’s a consumer problem.  I think it’s a public health problem.  There’s a reason people are stealing them – they may not have the money or are embarrassed to buy them – but they are still having sex.  Shouldn’t we be looking at the bigger picture and finding ways to make condom distribution less about making money and more about making sure that all people are protected?

Sarah #1


2 Responses to Free The Condoms Part II

  1. sewwhatsarahs says:

    I’m glad that the most politically charged thing discussed on this blog is condoms. Haha. Good work, Sarah.

  2. Band-Aid says:

    Ever notice I always post with a different name? I never know what I used last time and don’t really care. Anyway, my point.

    Have you ever noticed that people hold on tightly to issues that are ‘close to home’? If irresponsible teenagers having unprotected sex because they’re afraid that buying condoms will let the entire town know what you’re (oops, meant they’re!) doing (because lets face it, small towns have networks that can’t be beaten!) is close to home, then power to ya!

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