Free the Condoms!!

As my husband and I were leaving the grocery store yesterday, I noticed that all the condoms and pregnancy tests were locked up at the front of the store.  I said to him, “I don’t think condoms should be locked up – way to deter teenagers who are having sex but are embarassed to  talk to anyone about it people from buying them.”  He agreed, pointing out also that the places that don’t have the condoms locked up often don’t have a self checkout.  So a teenager who is having sex but is embarassed to talk to anyone about it person could get the condoms without having to awkwardly ask someone to unlock the cage that they’re in, but then they would still need to go through the checkout line, trying to avoid making eye contact with the cashier (who’s probably thinking, “Someone’s gettin lucky tonight, aren’t they?”).

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe people are more mature than I am.  But I just think there’s something slightly awkward about buying condoms.  And I’m a married woman – can you imagine what it might be like for a high schooler?

If you’re curious – Publix Grocery Stores has both condoms on the shelves and a self checkout.

I know, I know.  If they’re not mature enough to talk about sex, then they’re not mature enough to be having sex.  Well, guess what?  Kids are going to have sex whether they’re mature enough to talk about it or not.  We need to find ways to help them be safe.  Locking the condoms up so they not only have to buy them but also have to ask some random employee to get them a package?

Then we’re forced to have the conversation because kids are either contracting STDs or dealing with unplanned pregnancies.  Oy.

Free the condoms!!

Sarah #1


One Response to Free the Condoms!!

  1. Stores lock up the condoms because they are a highly stolen product (along with Preparation H). Reason being – you guessed it – EMBARASSMENT. Fortunately you can buy condoms online and have them shipped to you discreetly. Some companies like even offer free shipping.

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